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Pilates Level 3 Diploma

The German born Joseph Hubertus Pilates developed his method of training and balancing the body during his lifetime and it was passed to apprentice students by his wife, Clara, after his death in 1967. As the popularity of the technique grew so did the demand for teacher training and in 2005 a national standard for Pilates matwork training was agreed by industry experts in the UK.

Today the Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates (YMCA Awards)* is the result of the demand for a measurable standard in Pilates teacher training.


The qualification recognises the skills, knowledge and competence required of an individual to work in an unsupervised capacity, planning, instructing and evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a Mat Pilates session.

Qualification Overview

Candidates who take the Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the following broad areas:

*YMCA Awards is the UK's leading health and fitness awarding body.

To promote good standards and public awareness of qualified teachers, the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) lists fitness instructors and shows what level of training they have. The register is open to the public, meaning clients and future employers can check to see if instructors are up to standard.

In the future...

We agree with the absolute necessity for safe and fully trained Pilates instructors in the UK. Our training allows all graduates to enter the REPs at Level 3 and we encourage awareness of the industry and its developments through newsletters and further training workshops and courses.