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Remedial Pilates

Do you have back pain? Sports injury? Have you been told to do Pilates by your physiotherapist or doctor?

More doctors, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals have started to suggest Pilates to help patients with problems in these areas.

In some cases you may need to attend one or more specific remedial sessions from a specialist Pilates instructor, tailored to your needs.

Remedial sessions take place on a one to one or small group basis at our fully equipped Pilates studio in Chapel Allerton.

The focus of these sessions is to give you the knowledge and confidence to progress and to enable you to move into regular sessions as soon as you and your instructor feel it is appropriate.

Do I need this?

At So Pilates we want to make sure you are in the correct Pilates class.

We will always work with you to suggest sessions suitable to your schedule, budget and situation.

In remedial sessions you will be working with advanced, experienced Pilates instructors who hold chartered registered physiotherapist status and/or the highest available Level 3 and 4 Pilates and fitness qualifications. We will take the time to understand your condition and concerns and will work with you to reach your specific goals.

Please contact us if you are unsure whether to attend these sessions or a general class.

How does it work?

Rehabilitation will involve giving specific exercises for the management of a particular injury or problem with the use of Pilates equipment when appropriate. This may take the form of stretching, strengthening, stabilisation exercises, technical work and life and sports specific drills. We intend to make a difference.

What should I expect?

  1. Talk to us first to see if this is suitable for you and we will book you in for your first session.
  2. If you have been specifically told to do Pilates by your healthcare professional we can go straight to booking suitable sessions and you may not need an assessment/consultation.
  3. If you haven't been diagnosed or referred, you will attend an initial assessment where we will take a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history.
  4. You will be seen by a qualified and professional Remedial Pilates instructor. A physical assessment will be undertaken to determine the clinical diagnosis of your problem. If you have been referred to Pilates by your consultant, osteopath or other specialist we may ask for permission to discuss your progress with them.
  5. Once your instructor knows your requirements you will then work together to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Your instructor will teach you Pilates movements and stretches specific to you.
  6. After your initial session we may suggest a number of follow up appointments and will modify the treatment plan as your condition progresses. Alternatively, you may find you can join regular Pilates classes, taking the knowledge and modifications recommended to apply to your sessions.

Your initial consultation session (if needed) costs £60 and will last between 60 and 90 minutes. It includes:

You may be expected to remove outer layers of clothing so that the problem can be fully assessed, so please bring shorts and wear appropriate undergarments. If you have been referred and assessed/diagnosed by a specialist you may be able to go straight into booking sessions without the need for a consultation. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Further sessions with specialist remedial instructors last 60 minutes. You may be able to share the cost of sessions with a friend/partner, please speak to us or your instructor to check this is suitable.

After assessment you may be able to progress with one of our general Level 3 Pilates instructors to build a programme at our Pilates studio or join a class at one of our Leeds venues.

Pilates sessions with general Level 3 instructors last 60 minutes. You may be able to share the cost of sessions with a friend/partner, please speak to us or your instructor to check this is suitable.

Classes from £6 to £12 a session (as part of a course). Please see our timetable.

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